ESOL/TFL: General literacy / English

Level: E1 & E2 (Beginners & Elementary)

Resource type: Worksheets, Assignment

Type: Grammar, Word Order, Q&A, Listening, Writing

1. Adverbs of Frequency (COMPLETE LESSON) ~ Click Here To Download understanding the meaning of eight different adverbs of frequency and how to use them with the verb ‘to be’. Practise word order in sentences.

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2) Q&A (How Often Do You) Worksheet ~ask each other “how often” they perform different activities during the week, day, year etc.

3) Running Dictations (game)~ Students pair up with another person in the class. One of them is the writer and the other person is the runner. The teacher hangs up texts all around the class. The runner has to run to one of the texts and dictate to the writer every sentence individually. The first pair to finish wins. After the exercise students can compare their spelling with the original text 


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