CONDITIONALS (if clauses)

ESOL/TFL: English

Level E3 & L1 (Pre-intermediate & Intermediate)

Resource type: Worksheets

Type: Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading


1. Conditionals – If Clauses (COMPLETE LESSON) Download Here ~conditionals grammar practice (meaning & form); listening practice and making sentences in the zero conditional & first conditional; use the second conditional to speak about dreams & wishes. Use the second conditional to give advice “If I were you I would……..”


Audio file (source: Skills For Life) ~ Phoning customer services: Click Here

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2. Third Conditional ~Worksheet that explains how to form the third conditional and use it. Students have the opportunity to practise gap-fill exercises and re-write sentences in the third conditional.

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3. Practicing Conditionals – Games & Speaking ~The games below provide ample opportunity to practice all the conditionals.

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