English Conversation – Nice to meet you!


 Questions and Answers ~ Download Here~ Practise the questions that Dorothy and Pilar asked each other. 


Here are the questions Dorothy & Pilar ask each other


Here are the questions:

First name: What’s your name?

Country: Where are you from?

Live: Where do you live?

Work? What do you do?

Like London? Do you like London?

Telephone: What’s your telephone number?

Languages: How many languages do you speak?

Date of birth: What’s your date of birth?

Married / Single: Are you married?

Children: How many children do you have?
or Do you have any children?

Did you learn English when you were in Spain?

Where did you study?

When did you study?

How long in UK? How long have you lived in the UK

Brothers & Sisters? How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Do you have any brothers and sisters?

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