English Conversation – Describing Places


Describing Countries & Cities 

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This is what Pilar (the student) said – transcript 

I’m from Granada in the south of Spain. Granada is a beautiful town, where you can see many interesting things like “The Alhambra”. It is an Islamic palace and Unesco World Heritage. It is visited by thousands of tourists everyday. Granada also has a snowy mountain called Sierra Neuada and pretty beaches. If you go to Granada you can find a lot of bars with typical beers and tapas. People enjoy themselves very much and it is cheap. 

The weather in Granada is nice. In summer we can have 30 degrees but in winter it is very cold. Two hours from Granada we can find Malaga. Another beautiful city of Spain with  a lot of beaches and nice weather, the sun shines everyday. 

The Food is also delicious. You can eat fresh fish, paella, Gazpacho and much more. People are very friendly and cheerful. 

Another city that I love is Barcelona, where I lived 10 years ago. It is a big city and it is well known as the Gaudy city. At the weekends there are a lot of people and the streets are very noisy

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