English Conversation – The Present Tense (Daily Routines & Habits)

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This is what Pilar & Dorothy said:

Pilar: In the morning when I get up I put on the music first. After that I have my breakfast. First I prepare a smoothie with pineapple, a lot of parsley and cucumber. It’s to clean my body. It’s very nice, erm, and then I prepare a toast with garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. It’s very nice

Dorothy: My partner makes the same, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. Same! It’s very delicious.

Pilar: Yes, it’s typical Spanish but in Barcelona it’s more typical. More than any other city in Spain. With my toast I drink a coffee. When I finish my breakfast I have a shower. I brush my teeth and I get dressed. When I’m ready I go to my work from Brixton to Pimlico. In the afternoon when I finish my work I come back to Brixton. I make dinner and wait for my friend. When my friend arrives, erm, we eat, we speak and after that I wash the dishes in the kitchen. After that I brush my teeth, I go to bed and I read a book. At about 11.30 I go to sleep because I am very tired.

Dorothy: I get up at around 8am in the morning and I wash my face, I brush my teeth and  then I get dressed. I usually take  a shower in the evenings not in the mornings, so that’s my routine. For breakfast I have, similar to you, I have a smoothie with cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, banana. I blend it and I have that for breakfast and it’s very delicious and very good for you as well. After breakfast I go to work, so I teach my students and when I finish work I come back home and I prepare a late lunch.

Dorothy: So usually for lunch I have a big salad or fruits. I cycle to work and I cycle back home so that’s my way of getting to work. In the evenings I relax like you as well. At home I make dinner, so I usually have potatoes or brown rice, lentil soup or raw food, whatever,  but healthy food. Then I relax with my partner and after that I go to bed and then I sleep. I don’t usually read a book but I sometimes read a book, it depends, but not very usual. Sometimes I watch TV, it depends. So that’s our daily routine guy. Thank you for watching!

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