"How to Teach" Training Videos

Are you tired of endless lesson planning before each lesson. Would you like to have complete lesson materials and video tutorials for over 12 topics that go straight to the point and explain how to teach creative and interesting lessons while saving time. Why not sign up to my training videos where teaching English is really made easy. All tutorials come with Microsoft Word Documents so that you can customize your lesson to suit your level and needs.

"How to Teach" Training Videos

1) Learn how to teach creative and interesting lessons without endless lesson planning.

2) Get WORD DOCUMENTS for many complete lessons so that you can personalize them  

only £19.95

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    Daily Routine - Word Document

    All four skills are incorporated in the lesson and students get a lot of speaking practice too. Students learn to differentiate between 1st person & 3rd person.

Customer Testimonials

"I can't thank you enough for providing so many fantastic complete lesson materials on this site. They have saved me tons of planning and preparing. The video tutorials are a real bonus and I have been able to watch them the night before and come fully prepared into class and teach interesting lessons the next day. Thanks a bunch "
-- Maria, EFL Tutor

Customer Testimonials

"I really love the video tutorials. They have saved me a lot of time and energy planning endless lessons! I am also glad that they come with the word document so that I can customize the lessons "
-- Deborah, ESOL Teacher

Customer Testimonials

"What can I say! To the point. Easy to follow. Like the fact that they come with the Word Doc. Your enthusiasm is fantastic"
-- Jenny, ESOL Teacher

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