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Games For The Classroom
Games For The Classroom
With 45 games and activities to bring fun and creativity to your teaching, you will not want to be without it. I have used many of the activities to energise, settle, get collaborative rapport and focus the learners back into learning English. I have found that these activities work in the middle of a session to change energy and provide a natural break. They are also useful at the end of a session when students complete work early and there is time to kill. I use games to practise specific grammar or vocabulary points and as a means of providing speaking practice. They are a life saver if you are asked to teach on short notice.


No more Lesson Planning (over 12 video tutorials)
Are you tired of endless lesson planning before each lesson. Would you like to have complete lesson materials and video tutorials for over 12 topics that go straight to the point and explain how to teach creative and interesting lessons while saving time. Why not sign up to my training videos where teaching English is really made easy. All tutorials come with Microsoft Word Documents so that you can customize your lesson to suit your level and needs.